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Should I Turn Over Documents to the Insurance Company?

Frank Darras, America’s Top Disability Lawyer, discusses whether you should disclose tax returns, mental health notes and occupational information to insurance companies.

Frank Darras:

“Oftentimes, we hear the insurance company is interested in more documentation. They may want to look at your state and federal tax returns. You’ve got privileges that you can assert to avoid having to turn over a state tax return. Federal tax return, a little different. I suggest you contact a lawyer before you turn over any state or federal tax returns.”

“Mental nervous claims, interesting issue about whether the insurance company can get your psychotherapist’s records, get your psychometric testing, or get your psychiatrist’s notes. Again, very important: Before you sign an open authorization, that you get some help from a lawyer familiar with this space.”

“Last, occupational information– how far back should we let an insurance company go to look at our employment history? Again, it’s important to get helpful advice from a lawyer familiar with the space, so you’re not giving too much, and you’re not failing to cooperate.”

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