Disability Attorneys Assisting Claimants in Kentucky

At DarrasLaw, we have recovered nearly $1 billion in wrongfully denied benefits. However, what matters more than the amount of money is what it stands for. Every one of those dollars rightfully belonged to a disabled person in Kentucky or elsewhere in the United States who paid for an insurance policy as agreed, only to find out that the insurance company was not so eager to pay benefits as agreed. We put that money where it belonged.

We handle Kentucky individual disability insurance matters of all sizes and types, from applications to denials. Whether you have a $50-a-month claim, a $500,000-a-month claim or anything in between, you can find a helping hand at DarrasLaw. Our representation begins with a free policy analysis. It continues through all stages of the claims process, including appeals and, when necessary, litigation with the assistance of local counsel in Kentucky.

How DarrasLaw Became America’s Top Disability Firm

We have earned the title of America’s top disability firm not only by recovering money for policyholders, but by doing it with care and attention. Our attorneys, including founder Frank N. Darras, have received numerous honors and awards from peers. For example, Super Lawyers has honored Frank N. Darras by including him in its list for his work with disability insurance policyholders every year since the listing was created.

Insurance Claim Denial in Kentucky

Have you been denied disability insurance benefits in Kentucky? Do not give up. You paid for your policy, and you have a right to be paid benefits. You are among the countless people with valid claims who are denied benefits by insurance companies every day. Our experience has taught us how to force insurance companies to fulfill their promises and provide you the benefits you need.

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We are here to help people in Kentucky get the disability benefits they have paid for in cities such as:

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