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Insurance policies come with a lot of small print. When you sign a policy, that small print may not seem like a big deal, particularly since the insurance company seems to be willing to help you when you need help. Unfortunately, when the need arises to put the policy to use, many people find that the insurance company will hide behind the small print. If you have found yourself in this situation, you want an attorney with the experience to cut through the small print and force the insurance company to fulfill its promises.

At DarrasLaw, America’s top disability firm, we spend our days helping people make their insurance policies work. Whether you need help with an application or you have already applied and been denied, we are on your side. We handle all Nebraska individual disability insurance matters for people, beginning with a free policy analysis. From there, we stand beside disabled individuals through all aspects of their claim process, including in some case appeals and, with the assistance of local counsel in Nebraska, litigation.

“Why Was My Claim Denied?”
Insurance Claim Denial in Nebraska

Every day, our attorneys get calls from people who cannot figure out why they have been denied disability insurance benefits in Nebraska. Having recovered nearly $1 billion in wrongfully denied benefits for people in Nebraska and throughout the country, we understand exactly why insurance companies deny benefits: that is how they thrive.

Insurance companies are big businesses. They make money by selling insurance policies. They keep money by taking every possible measure to avoid paying benefits. Fortunately, we can step in and take action, forcing them to fulfill their promises.

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