Disability Attorneys Assisting Claimants in Pennsylvania

How did DarrasLaw earn the title of America’s top disability firm? By helping people with all types of Pennsylvania individual disability insurance matters. We handle every case, large and small, from analyzing policies to taking action when benefits have been applied for and denied. Let us extend a helping hand to you.

What makes a good insurance law attorney? While many factors certainly come into play, one of them is the ability to cut through the small print in a policy. That is the favorite hiding place of insurance companies. They will use it to find loopholes that they believe justify not paying claims. We can cut through the small print and flush out insurance companies, forcing them to pay the benefits that policyholders deserve.

Our guidance through the claims process begins with a free policy analysis. We handle everything, including appeals when appropriate and, if necessary, litigation with the help of local counsel in Pennsylvania.

Denial of a Disability Claim in Pennsylvania

Have you been denied disability insurance benefits? This is one of the most common reasons people contact our firm. They are surprised and angered, or worried that perhaps they do not have a valid claim at all. They are often on the verge of giving up, thinking that the insurance company is not going to change its mind.

It is important to understand that a denied claim is not the same as an invalid claim. Your claim may be perfectly valid. However, we may need to strengthen your claim in order to force the insurance company to fulfill its promise to you. We have recovered nearly $1 billion in wrongfully denied disability insurance benefits in Pennsylvania and nationwide.

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