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DarrasLaw is America’s top disability firm, assisting people with Tennessee individual disability insurance matters of all types. Under the leadership of attorney Frank N. Darras, we bring a level of expertise that we combine with a compassionate approach to these challenging cases. You will see that we care enough to work hard for you.

Like most who have become disabled, you are under a lot of stress. Simply trying to adjust to life with a disability is no simple task. However, it is what you should be focused on. You should not have the additional stress that comes when your attention is diverted to a battle with an insurance company. We will take on that battle for you.

Do not feel that your case is too small or too large for us. From $50-a-month claims to $500,000-a-month claims, we handle claims of all sizes. We have gone toe-to-toe with all major insurance companies with a presence in Tennessee. The process starts with a free case analysis. Then we guide you through the claims process, including appeals as appropriate. We handle litigation when necessary with the help of local counsel in Tennessee.

Nearly $1 Billion in Wrongfully Denied Benefits Nationwide

Have you been denied disability insurance benefits in Tennessee? This is one of the primary reasons why people in Tennessee and throughout the country call DarrasLaw. They have been denied and they do not know what their next move should be. Calling us is the right move, because we know how to take on insurance companies that have denied valid claims and force them to pay. Our results are evidence of our ability to overcome all challenges.

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How hard does our firm work to help people in Tennessee get needed disability benefits? Find out. We help clients throughout the state of Tennessee including in cities such as:

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