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Do You Need Earthquake, Flood or Hurricane Coverage? A Checklist to Remember

[MUSIC PLAYING] ATTORNEY: I started Darras Law because too many good, honest, hard working disabled people were getting wrongfully delayed and unreasonably denied their individual and long term disability benefits. I set out to build the National Disability powerhouse and a litigation law firm that could take down billion dollar insurance companies. We hired amazing, talented lawyers that had great skill, but also treated every client with tremendous heart and compassion. We also added two amazing on site nurses, so every day at Darras Law we’re educated about the newest disabling diseases, cutting edge treatments, medication management, and the side effects that often impair our disabled clients. We added state of the art vocational support so regardless of the profession we can assess the physical and mental demands of your work. At Darras Law insurance companies know our clients aren’t unwilling, but truly are unable to work. I also wanted to stop insurance companies from bullying the disabled who live in smaller towns or states because we see more cases from all across the country than any other law firm. We can recognize immediately when an insurance carrier implements a new delay or denial strategy. That allows Darras Law to step in quickly to stop clients from getting low-balled, cheated, or tricked. Most importantly, our staff treats each of our clients like they are our only client, because every person is much more than just a case. Our clients allow us to make a real difference for the disabled every single day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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