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Long Term Care Lawyer Says Conseco Insurance Puts Seniors At Financial Risk

Posted September 25, 2008

Conseco, an Indiana based insurance company, without notice to policyholders has decided to move 144,000 Long-Term Care policies into a Trust that could financial ruin senior citizens, according to Frank N. Darras, who claims to be the nation’s leading disability and Long-Term Care insurance lawyer. Attorney Darras has urged 144,000 holders of these Long-Term Care […]

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Financing Long Term Care: What’s Really Happening

Posted September 12, 2008

With baby boomers knocking at the retirement door, we all need to get a handle on how we are going to care for our aging parents and ultimately, ourselves. The insurance industry is blazing the marketing trail with a variety of feature-rich, long term care insurance (LTCI) policies, as there are more than 75 million […]

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How the New Housing And Recovery Act Can Affect Seniors

Posted August 21, 2008

The Housing and Recovery Act of 2008 is going to affect more than first time home buyers, it will affect seniors too. When the President signed into law a $300 billion housing bill to help homeowners renegotiate their mortgages, reverse mortgage lenders reignited their marketing programs focusing on seniors, says Frank N. Darras, one of […]

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New Housing Bill Makes Substantial Changes To Reverse Mortgage Program

Posted August 11, 2008

Reverse mortgages were not part of the problem in the current home financing debacle but Congress decided to make some changes, while they were trying to create a bill to stop the slide of the housing market and collapse of mortgage companies. The government has, among other things, raised the allowable limits on these FHA […]

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UWLA Students Take Top Honors At the Frank Darras Disability Law Moot Court Competition

Posted April 8, 2008

UWLA students Robin Springer and Josh Groner faced classmates Kimberly Waxman and Killian Jones in the finals of the annual Frank N. Darras Disability Law Moot Court Competition. The final round was held on March 28, in the courtroom of the California Court of Appeal in Santa Ana. Final round judges included California Court of […]

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