Is It Worth Risking Disaster for the Perfect Location?

Posted December 7, 2011

Author: John Grossman We just published a case study that describes the dilemma faced by Pulling Down the Moon, a Chicago business that was hit by not one but two floods in just less than a year. Tamara Quinn and Beth Heller, co-owners of the company, a provider of supplemental holistic services like yoga, acupuncture, […]

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Frank N. Darras quoted in New York Times


Frank N. Darras, founding partner of DarrasLaw, was quoted in the New York Times’ article “A Business Ponders Whether Its Location Is Perfect, or a Disaster” by John Grossmann – published Dec. 7, 2011 – for his knowledge on the intricacies of flood insurance.

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How To Prepare For Natural Disasters

Posted November 10, 2011

Could your finances survive a natural disaster? It’s an important question to consider, even if you don’t live in an area vulnerable to nature’s quirks. The U.S. experienced a record-breaking number of natural disasters in 2011 with losses at nearly $60 billion, according to the National Climatic Data Center. Thousands of citizens who never dreamed […]

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Lessons to learn in an uncertain economy

Posted August 30, 2011

Do you provide your clients with the very best service you can? Do you go above and beyond not only to sell, but to help them in other ways? With so much uncertainty in the economy today, how is it possible to make a living selling insurance? The baby boomers are scared. In addition to […]

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Dispelling the Top 12 Myths About Life Insurance – DailyFinance


There’s something about life insurance that just freaks some people out. For one thing, it forces them to confront the notion of dying. For another, it demands they think about tomorrow when they don’t know what to do about today. So instead, they stick their heads in the sand. It’s not surprising then, that according […]

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Should Renters Carry a Liability Umbrella?

Posted July 29, 2011

Renters may think that because they don’t own their homes they don’t need umbrella liability insurance, which provides coverage on top of other policies. In most cases, they would be wrong. Umbrella coverage, regardless of whether you’re a homeowner, can shield you from potential financial ruin. Such policies offer a minimum of $1 million of […]

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When it Comes to Auto Insurance, Being Street Smart Helps

Posted July 23, 2011

Plenty of us believe that we have adequate amount of car insurance coverage, regularly renewing our policies as they come due without giving much though to what our insurance provides. It only is when we’re in an accident or make the decision to switch to another carrier do we acquaint ourselves with what we have, […]

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LTC Insurers Share Common Bond of Double-Digit Rate Hikes With Health Writers

Posted July 20, 2011

OLDWICK, N.J. June 13 (BestWire) — Health reform has put the health insurance industry under a microscope but medical loss ratios and double-digit premium rate increases aren’t unfamiliar terrain for long-term care insurers. And the rate hikes they are requesting could be giving them similar black eyes in the public realm. Among the problems insurers […]

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Americans Who Need Insurance the Most


That is because disability insurance is based on occupational risk as well as your personal health risks and lifestyle choices (like smoking or not smoking). If you are in a high risk job, like being a lumberjack, it can be almost impossible to get disability insurance, and if the insurance company offered you a plan […]

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Why Single People Need Life Insurance Too

Posted May 24, 2011

Despite some common misconceptions, life insurance isn’t just for those of us who are married with children. If you’re a single, you can benefit from it, too, because being unmarried doesn’t necessarily mean being alone: In all likelihood, your death would have a financial impact on others. “Some think that if you’re single and don’t […]

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