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Acrobats in the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus are Vulnerable to Serious Falls and Devastating Injuries

Everyone likes to see acrobats at the circus as they perform amazing feats from high in the sky …but this time, something went wrong. No one can predict when equipment will malfunction despite an in-depth and detailed inspection before each and every show. There are several severe injuries reported from this incident but Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus has assured everyone that the acrobats are holding their own during their stay at the hospital (Acrobats Fall During Ringling Bros. Circus Stunt, ABC, May 5, 2014).

One acrobat, Samantha Pitard, has already expressed interest in returning to the circus once she and her fellow acrobats are healthy again: “Pitard and seven other acrobats were in an act described as a ‘human chandelier,’ hanging from an apparatus by their hair. They were injured during a Sunday performance of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus when a clip at the top of the chandelier-like apparatus snapped, dropping them to the ground. The other women are still hospitalized and Pitard said she plans to stay in Providence to support her friends as they work to regain their health. Then she’d like to return to the circus,” (Injured Ringling Bros. Acrobat Vows to Return After Accident: NBC News, May 7, 2014).

“I admire her for wanting to return but I hope she thinks about getting or reviews her disability insurance policy to make sure it is up to date before she tries anymore stunts,” advises Frank N. Darras, disability insurance lawyer to the pros. “Many of the stunts performed by acrobats are both mentally and physically challenging. Although acrobats train extensively, nothing can prepare them for equipment failure or a tumble to the ground. I hate to see any injuries to athletes but the reality is that the potential for injury will always be there, along with the need for disability insurance.”

Disability insurance is not just for pro athletes or something an employee gets through their employer for workplace injuries. The average consumer can also purchase an individual policy at a very decent price. The potential for injury in the modern world seems to increase all the time but the average American doesn’t have the money to cover the cost of rent and other necessities when they are out of work to recuperate. This is where disability benefits kick in and provide a percentage of the policyholder’s income to go towards everyday living expenses.

“With this wake-up call, I hope all professional acrobats and gymnasts take measures towards supporting themselves in case they are injured during one of their stunts or even while practicing. There are many experts out there that would be happy to explore what options and coverage would be best. The benefits of a private individual disability insurance policy would ease the financial burden during a time when you could be focused on recovering your health,” says Darras.

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