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Amy Purdy was Injured on Dancing with the Stars: A Reminder that Athletes and Celebrities Need Disability Insurance Protection

Amy Purdy ended up in the hospital after a recent Dancing with the Stars appearance. She apparently turned her head the wrong way, which caused painful back spasms and she missed the group numbers in the second half of the show. Purdy is optimistic about returning to Dancing with the Stars within the next week(Amy Purdy Injured on Dancing With the Stars-Updates from Hospital, US Weekly Magazine, 2014).

Dancing involves a lot of twisting and turning, which puts a lot of strain on muscles throughout the body. Any sport that involves movement of the body, whether it’s dancing or football, can lead to a potential injury. As Purdy has proven, a small movement can set off a chain reaction resulting in hospitalization and a sabbatical from dancing.

Purdy has not been the only one injured with their dancing shoes on: “Monday’s episode was riddled with injuries. ‘The Wonder Years’ alum Danica McKellar broke a rib in rehearsal last Thursday and still went on to perform her salsa, and pre-performance video showed Olympic figure skater Meryl Davis and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy getting bumped and bruised in practice. Earlier this season, ‘Star Wars’ alum Billy Dee Williams withdrew from the competition because of chronic back problems,” (Amy Purdy doing OK after ‘DWTS’ injury, hoping to dance next week: Los Angeles Times, April 29, 2014).

“Amy Purdy’s injury is unfortunate yet accidents happen all too often to athletes,” says Frank N. Darras, America’s disability insurance lawyer to the pros. “One simple movement can cause nerve damage, a dislocated joint or something that leads to a more permanent disability. No one person can ever be fully prepared for injury but at the very minimum, a private disability insurance policy can be there to help cover financial costs like rent and food. Without a financial burden looming over your head, you may find it much easier to concentrate and focus on your healing.”

Disability insurance is for those times when you’re just having fun but a small misstep causes everything to change. The benefits from a private disability insurance policy will cover expenses while the policyholder is laid up and can’t work. Money for monthly bills can hit a savings account pretty hard so prepare for any likelihood of disability. These types of insurance policies are fairly inexpensive so check with a top insurance agent for more information.

“A trusted insurance agent or a top disability lawyer can be extremely helpful in getting you set up with the right insurance policy that matches your needs, for a reasonable price. They can get you set up with any additional riders you may find necessary. Please don’t let such an important policy as this slide under your radar. Protect yourself and your finances now for the time you may be out of work due to a serious injury,” says Darras.

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