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Baseball, Injuries and Bryce Harper’s Near Miss with a Concussion

Fans were anxious to see if Bryce Harper would remain in the game against the Mets after what could have been a serious kick to the head by Mets second baseman Eric Young Jr. Harper was aiming for a double play but ended up colliding with Young’s leg after his throw to first. The team physician conducted a concussion test while the Nationals were still at bat and the results found no evidence of a concussion.

The New York Times reported, “After the collision, Harper lay on the ground as Manager Matt Williams and the team trainer ran onto the field and helped him to his feet so he could walk off the field on his own. The question would be whether Harper would stay in the game, especially amid the increasing concern about head injuries,” (Concussion Testing for Nationals’ Harper During Game: NY Times, March 31, 2014).

Concussions have become more and more worrisome in the world of professional sports as the rate of injury seems to increase every year. They also have a long-lasting effect even after an athlete has retired from sports: “Higher rates of neurological diseases, such as ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), have also been detected among retired players of high-impact sports,” (As Pro Sports Head Injuries Rise, Canadian Doctors Publish New Six-Step Guide to Managing Concussions: Forbes, July 23, 2013).

“Major League Baseball has implemented protocols in recent years regarding concussions,” says Frank N. Darras, America’s leading disability insurance lawyer. “They are designed to keep players from returning to the game too early and causing more serious injuries. The risk of a disabling injury can hardly be ignored after such a close call. As a result, each and every one of these players should take a good, hard look at their disability insurance policies and make sure they’re covered for a concussion or any other injury they may face while playing the game.”

Concussions are serious business but not enough athletes are aware of the dangers. Multiple concussions can lead to neurological damage and serious cognitive impairments, which can make it impossible for them to return to sports professionally. When this happens, individual disability insurance would provide a large percentage of the athletes’ income so they can continue to live in the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

“Head injuries affect athletes of all sports and of all ages. Wear the appropriate gear and take whatever steps possible to prevent a traumatic head injury. I highly recommend professional athletes seek the advice of a trusted insurance agent or a top disability insurance lawyer who deals daily with professional athletes, to discuss the type of policy they need. These policies are extremely important in sports with the risk of injuries being so high. Get your policy in place now before an injury strikes when you least expect it,” says Darras.

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