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Blake Bortles and the NFL Draft

Several different teams are possibly scouting UCF’s quarterback Blake Bortles. He declared for this year’s draft but he may not be ready for the big leagues since some say his game play still isn’t strong enough. The question many teams have is what will he look like a year from now? Will they have made the right choice in drafting him or will his game play stay variable?

Bortles’ flaws could spell disaster for him: “However, they are correctable and could be managed if given time and reps with coaches known for developing young quarterbacks. Bortles just needs to be drilled to square his shoulders, stride toward the target and drive the ball. If you want to watch the best, pop in a tape of Tom Brady, one of the most fundamentally sound passers in NFL history. One of Brady’s former coaches, new Texans coach Bill O’Brien, has a reputation for developing passers who have terrific mechanics. Houston, by the way, happens to be in need a franchise quarterback. Bortles possesses everything O’Brien looks for at the position; Bortles just needs some work,” (Blake Bortles is 2014 NFL Draft’s biggest conundrum at quarterback: MMQB, March 19, 2014).

Some say his footwork needs improvement and he shows inconsistent delivery due to his trouble dealing with pressure on the field. Others suggest Bortles has the potential to become a great quarterback and along with that comes a significant livelihood to protect.

“This is the time for all potential draftees to do their own scouting by talking with a disability insurance expert so they can safeguard their income with their new team,” advises Frank N. Darras, disability insurance lawyer to the pros.“With recruits fresh out of college, they need to talk to someone knowledgeable about financial matters, including insurance, so they can learn how to handle their money and be prepared for the eventuality of a sidelining injury.”

Blake Bortles is going to have some hard work ahead of him to prepare for the tough world of the NFL. Spending time with qualified trainers is going to be an important first step to get him focused on developing better habits and learning how to respond under pressure. These are good starting points along with a topflight disability insurance policy in place as a safety net in unforeseen circumstances. (Report: UCF’s Blake Bortles meets with Raiders Coaches, NFL.com, March 18, 2014)

“Compare high limit individual policies that protect what you do and pay when you’re unable. Talk with a top disability insurance lawyer to see what options are best for you. No one is invincible when it comes to professional sports, so do your off field insurance work now to prevent financial disaster if a career ending or traumatic injury ends your professional career,” says Darras.

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