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Cristiano Ronaldo Suffers Tendinosis Injury as World Cup Approaches

Cristiano Ronaldo recently suffered a muscle injury to his left thigh and has now been diagnosed with tendinosis. Unlike tendonitis, which is aninflammation of the tendon, tendinosis is caused by chronic overuse and means damage to the tendon at a much deeper level.

What does this type of injury mean for Ronaldo? The 2014 World Cup is fast approaching and everyone is wondering if he will be able to play for Portugal. Tendinosis often has a longer recovery period and requires a lot of rest along with a compliment of treatments. This condition may be more common in the sports world than previously thought, especially for sports like soccer, golf, and tennis, which don’t tend to have an off-season.

Portugal doesn’t have any players with characteristics like Ronaldo, perhaps the closest is Manchester United’s Nani when at his very best. Nani is very much out of sorts and therefore Bento can’t simply plan to replace Ronaldo like for like. Without Ronaldo, Portugal’s plan B appears to rely on crosses into the box for the physical strikers. Joao Moutinho’s form has been anything but convincing for Monaco this season, though he does offer the side the best chance of creativity without Ronaldo,” (Why Cristiano Rinaldo’s Fitness Is Portugal’s Biggest World Cup Headache: Bleacher Report, June 3, 2014).

“Ronaldo has been a popular face in the media in recent years with his stellar soccer skills,” says Frank N. Darras, America’s disability insurance lawyer to the pros. “His position as team captain for the Portugal national team means his abilities on the field are top of the line. I’ve seen the extraordinary footwork used by soccer players and it makes the need for disability insurance all the more obvious. A soccer star needs to be able to run and slow down quickly, both of which put stress on the tendons in the legs and lead to career-ending injuries.”

Trainers for the Portugal team will have to figure out how to best assist Ronaldo in treating the tendinosis in his left leg. Fans are anxious to see Ronaldo back in action soon and hope his leg heals. But he can’t count on a quick fix. For professional soccer players a disability insurance policy is a “must have” coverage.

“An own-occupation insurance policy is the best bet for any sports professional. With the additional coverage players can always get a job coaching or pursue another career path while still collecting disability benefits. You never know when you’ll suffer an injury out on the field or even at home so it’s better to be prepared than left floundering financially,” advises Darras.

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