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Curt Schilling’s Cancer Diagnosis and the Importance of Critical Illness Insurance

Curt Schilling, a professional baseball player, was recently diagnosed with cancer, which calls to mind the importance of critical illness insurance in America. ESPN had just announced that Schilling would be joining their broadcasting team for the upcoming baseball season but his presence will now be based on how his cancer treatments proceed. Schilling has had an amazing career record spanning several decades.

“Schilling, 47, pitched in the majors for 20 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles, Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Boston Red Sox. The six-time All-Star finished with a career record of 216-146 and a 3.46 ERA. His 3,116 strikeouts rank 15th all time,” (Curt Schilling diagnosed with cancer: ESPN, February 5, 2014).

Many professional athletes may not consider critical illness (CI) insurance as a necessity due to the higher chance of a sports injury. CI policies are a supplement to health insurance policies that will help with the financial hit of a cancer, heart attack or a stroke diagnosis.

“The cost for the medical bills associated with these diagnoses is astounding,” says Frank N. Darras, America’s top insurance lawyer. “This particular type of insurance is meant to cover everything typical health insurance coverage won’t, including copays, prescription drugs, possibly out-of-town care, and other expenses because of the cancer diagnosis. Coupled with a good disability insurance policy, Most people would be able to cover all their necessary costs while going through treatment with a critical illness insurance policy.”

CI insurance is not meant to take the place of health or disability insurance so be sure to read the policy from beginning to end. Carefully review the fine-print listing additional restrictions.

“CI policies contain strict definitions of what does and does not constitute critical illness, so don’t expect to collect on a diagnosis of simple skin cancer or chest pain,” (Do you need critical illness insurance, Bankrate, June 23, 2011).

“So few Americans have a critical illness insurance policy but I really hope that changes,” encourages Darras. “The chances of getting cancer or having a heart attack or stroke are high while the cost of medical care is increasing all the time. Talk with your insurance agent or broker to see how you can make critical illness insurance work for you and your family. Don’t take the chance of bankruptcy when you have the opportunity now to make sure all your expenses will be covered.”

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