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DarrasLaw Launches a New Way to Help Americans With DarrasKnows Book Series

The nation’s most recognized disability insurance lawyer,Frank N. Darras, offers ways to help America’s families by sharing his knowledge about disability insurance. “We’re excited to release a new line of informational booklets,” says Darras. “DarrasKnows is a series of informational guidebooks to help people keep organized through insurance battles they may be facing. This first booklet is on disability insurance. These booklets are something tangible people can refer to over and over again during the long claim process and litigation. They can take notes and keep organized as well as see the progress they are making, even if it is slow progress.”

The goal for DarrasKnows – Your Personal Guidebook On Disability Insurance is to help people understand all they need to know about long-term disability, short-term disability insurance, mortgage disability insurance and long-term care insurance. See www.darraslaw.com.

Our booklets walk policyholders through steps they need to take to file a claim and lets them know how to proceed in case they are denied in bad faith by their insurance company. Answers to frequently asked questions are included as well as help for the emotional stress people often go through when trying to tackle big insurance. This booklet gives timely information about state insurance and financial assistance and a checklist to keep people on track. There’s even a glossary of terms to help people understand insurance jargon.

Our Guidebook On Disability Insurance will set the table for more publications on insurance. DarrasLaw plans to launch a whole series of DarrasKnows booklets designed to help people with insurance law.

“We believe our booklets will provide a much needed reference for everyone staying on task and keeping organized with resources that could help their fight for justice go a little smoother. It’s our way of helping,” says Darras.

Some other topics which are right on the heels of this first booklet include ERISA insurance and Own Occupation Disability Insurance.

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