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Frank N. Darras Helps Those Disadvantaged, Displaced by Bad Faith

For 20 years, Frank N. Darras, America’s leading disability and long-term care litigator has returned more than a half a billion dollars to those disadvantaged and displaced by insurance carrier wrongdoing.

Darras, managing partner at DarrasLaw, has the largest disability, long-term care and life insurance practice in America, reviewing and evaluating more than 1000 new referrals every month. See www.DarrasLaw.com.

Football had been Frank Darras’ ticket to success. His blazing speed was rewarded with a Big 10 scholarship and a chance at pro-ball. Then, he was sidelined in a flash when his fingers slipped into a forklift chain loading trucks the summer before his college career was to begin. “I learned the hard way to build my future on today, as tomorrow’s promises have a way of caving in on themselves,” says Darras.

“The benefit of being an athlete and coming from nothing has been a blessing. Fear is not an option,” Darras says. “I learned early, you knock down what is in front of you, whether it is a 6’5″ linebacker or a 6.5 billion dollar insurance company.”

The business of insurance is tricky to say the least, says Darras. The complicated language written into policies is designed to be just that, complicated. People purchase insurance in good faith. Often, they never need it, but if and when they do, the loophole language generally comes back to haunt them.

“Every year, Americans spend millions of dollars on disability, long-term care, life, credit card, mortgage, business overhead and other insurance coverage,” says Darras. “In exchange for payment to these multi-billion dollar corporations, they are offered a promise that if something goes wrong, they are covered. So often, they are not.”

Darras has always offered free advice to people across America and answers free of charge any policy or claim concerns. He helps build the right fences around claims so that policyholders get the benefits they were promised.

“I had no business dreaming I would be at the top of the legal profession,” Darras says. “I just wanted to help those who were less fortunate and fight the mighty giants of the insurance world to get folks who have been disadvantaged and displaced, what they rightfully deserve.”

DarrasLaw is Americas' most honored and decorated disability litigation firm in the country. Mr. Darras has seen more, evaluated more, litigated more, and resolved more individual and group long term disability and long-term care cases than any other lawyer in the United States.

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