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What Happens When Teams Put Players on the Field Before They are Ready to Play

According to ESPN, Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III opened the 2013 season before he was prepared. Vice President and General Manager Bruce Allen declared that Griffin needed more practice before he was ready take his place as quarterback. Not only did he need more time but Griffin was still recovering from knee surgery to repair multiple ligaments.

Griffin was cleared for practice but those like Allen are looking back and thinking Griffin was not able to put in enough time with the team before the season began. Practice is an important part of preparing new players for the rigors of professional football and Griffin’s injury may have shaved off a little too much of that valuable time.

Griffin eased his way back into the lineup, working alone and off to the side during practices while wearing a brace on his right knee. He started taking first-team snaps in mid-August, near the end of training camp. By then, with preseason games underway, the Redskins’ work weeks were interrupted by exhibition games. That limited his number of practices,” (Washington Redskins GM Bruce Allen admits Robert Griffin III played too early in 2013: ESPN, July 29, 2014).

“Griffin was one of the bright new talents to arrive in the NFL in 2013,” declares Frank N. Darras, America’s top disability insurance lawyer. “Everyone was excited to see what he had to offer the Redskins and he did not disappoint. As Allen looks back, however, he knows there is something to be said for more training especially since Griffin was recovering from surgery before the 2013 season began. The injury rate is high among contact sports and no one can be too careful. That is why I always advocate for pro-athletes to purchase individual disability insurance to keep their finances safe in case they experience a career-ending injury.”

Own-occupation disability insurance is must have coverage for pro-athletes like those in the NFL. Not only does it provide outstanding benefits for a career-ending disability but allows the policyholder to find another job while continuing to collect. For instance, if a quarterback suffered a debilitating injury he could collect benefits from his own-occupation policy. He would not only be able to live off of the benefits but might decide to get another job coaching to bolster his income.

“Career-ending injuries are not easy to overcome for a wide variety of reasons. So pro-athletes should contact a qualified insurance agent to discuss how disability insurance can play an important role in your life. Don’t wait until it’s too late to do something about your future income. As we all know, life throws twists and turns at us and all we can do is prepare for them the best we can,” says Darras.

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