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Insurance Expert Launches www.savemyltc.com Web Site

With potentially devastating premium increases facing senior citizens who hold Long-Term Care policies administered by Conseco, the web site, http://www.savemyltc.com/, has been launched to provide direction and help, before the proposed September 30 deadline.

As the nation’s leading disability and LTC insurance lawyer, Frank N. Darras has put information together that will assist over 142,000 policyholders who have not been notified by Conseco that their policies are going to be put into an irrevocable Trust that may cost them dearly.

“With a spoken deadline of Monday, September 22, and a written deadline of September 30th, policyholders must move quickly,” says Darras. “Our web site has a form letter that policyholders can fill out, print and fax, or copy and paste into an email that goes directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance.”

All contact information and instructions can be found at http://www.savemyltc.com/.

In Darras’ opinion, not only are more than 142,000 policyholders in a dangerous position of losing it all, when they need it most, this Trust will set a terrible precedent for other failing Long-Term Care companies across the country.

“We have to protect our seniors, your parents and mine, from egregious acts by companies that made bad investment decisions and low-balled the marketplace with oversold and poorly underwritten policies,” says Darras. “Last week, Americans took on financial burdens of failing companies and now, Canseco’s Long-Term Care Trust scenario could very well burden those people that need the product most, the elderly.”

The youngest policyholders in this block are approximately 77 years old. For years, the LTC arm of Conseco has been a financial drain. “It looks to me,” says Darras, “that the Company is absolving themselves of a losing bet and giving it to their policyholders and calling it a Trust. That is just wrong, there is nothing to trust about this scenario, it will ruin our seniors,” says Darras.

Go to http://www.savemyltc.com/ and fill out the forms, voice your opinions to Robert Brackbill, rbrackbill@state.pa.us or fax to (717) 787-8557 immediately.

Frank N. Darras is a regular guest on Attorney Tom Woodruff’s LIVE INTERNET international radio show “Meeting by Accident”. Listen to him discuss this live on Tuesday, September 23rd at 1 PM Eastern (10 AM PST). Please join us.

Link directly to the show: http://www.modavox.com/Voiceamericacms/WebModules/HostModaview.aspx?HostId=40& ChannelId=1&Flag=1.

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