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Insurance to Invest In When Expecting

One of the happiest moments in most individual’s lives is finding out they are pregnant with their first child. After months of trying, it’s finally happened and celebration ensues. So after you buy that first baby outfit sit down and review the insurance you have and make plans for what you may need.

Life and health insurance is important for any individual, but both become an even bigger priority when kids are involved. Both are essential to have before having a child, but existing policies often need adjusting when there is a new life joining your family.

“When reviewing your life insurance policy you should ask yourself how much life insurance your family will need, now that you have a child that depends on you being around. Your spouse is unlikely to need as much money as a child would need should a parent not be around to financially provide. Even if you’re a stay-at-home parent, you still significantly financially contribute to your family. Think of the cost of daycare or after-school programs that a single parent would need, if a death occurred,” says Frank N. Darras, America’s top insurance lawyer.

The type of life insurance an individual needs may also change after having children. A term policy that has a set shelf-life may not be desirable for a parent who could, unknowingly end up leaving children behind. A whole, variable, or universal policy that provides coverage that doesn’t expire may be a better option for parents.

“Once you decide on a life insurance policy that fits your needs, find out how to add or change the existing beneficiary to include your child. Don’t put it off and say you’ll take care of it tomorrow because there might not be a tomorrow. You’ll rest easier knowing it’s taken care of,” says Darras.

Expecting parents should also review their current health insurance policy and see what it takes to add the baby to their plan. “Having a baby is expensive. From prenatal care to delivery, to the required well visits and the inevitable sick visits you’ll go to in the child’s first year; the bills add up quickly and it’s important to have good health coverage. Find out what your insurance does and does not cover and add up how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Then, start saving for a baby rainy day fund,” says Darras.

Having a baby is fantastic. Taking the time to review insurance policies is well worth it and will give expecting parents peace of mind in the months leading up to delivery and years down the road.

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