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International Golfer Pablo Larrazabal Swarmed by Hornets in Malaysia, Disability Insurance Doesn’t Discriminate on the Type of Injury it Covers

Hornets attacked golfer Pablo Larrazabal during round two of the Malaysian Open in Kuala Lumpur. He was able to get away from them after jumping into a lake near the 14th hole but not after being stung several times. On site doctors were able give him a few shots to ward off any potentially harmful side effects of the stings.

This hasn’t been the only incident with bees in the sports world lately. A Red Sox-Yankees spring training game was temporarily delayed due to bees in the outfield. This can be quite scary, especially if one of those players was allergic and was stung. The resulting anaphylactic shock could happen quickly and be deadly if not treated immediately. Thankfully, no one at this spring training game was hurt and Larrazabal did not suffer from any severe allergic reaction after his quality time with hornets (Bees Swarm Yankees-Red Sox Spring Training Game, NBC, Mar 19, 2014).

Larrazabal, ranked 65th in the world, has won one tournament this year – at January’s Abu Dhabi Championship, where he beat major winners Rory McIlroy and Phil Mickelson by one shot to claim the $2.7 million first prize. He will go into the weekend at the Malaysian Open tied for 25th place, trailing leader Lee Westwood by 11 shots,” (Hornet attack “my scariest moment” says terrified golfer Pablo Larrazabal: CNN, April 18, 2014).

“Thank goodness Larrazabal did not sustain any lasting damage from the hornets so he is able to continue entering international tournaments to compete,” comments Frank N. Darras, disability insurance lawyer to the pros. “This may not be cause for too much concern since he is okay but it brings to mind the unpredictability of sports and how dependent we all are on our health and our livelihood. This is when a disability insurance policy comes in handy by providing financial benefits and peace of mind during a difficult time.”

Disabling injuries don’t always happen from a forceful collision or a hit to the head from a fastball, which is why disability insurance doesn’t discriminate on the type of injury. Policyholders receive their benefits regardless if they were disabled from an allergic reaction or a concussion. Many athletes choose a disability insurance policy called own-occupation, which lets them work at another job and earn money if they can no longer perform their current job after an injury.

Own-occupation disability insurance is meant for highly talented individuals with a lot to lose if they are disabled. Disability insurance policies come in many shapes and sizes so get in touch with your trusted insurance advisor to discuss what options are available to you. When life is so unpredictable, disability insurance is there to keep you financially stable. Get a policy now so you can be prepared for whatever life has to offer,” says Darras.

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