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Are Joel Embiid’s Foot Injury and Back Issues a Sign of Things to Come?

Embiid may be worried his foot injury will keep him out this whole season but the big fear is this will mean a future of career roadblocks. According to NBC Sports, the injuries he has experienced so far this year might discourage a lot of teams. Embiid has already suffered foot, knee, and back injuries. This is especially rough considering he has this many injuries while still playing college basketball. Read More.

These unfortunate injuries make teams think of past draft prospects who frequently ended up on the bench. Brook Lopez of the Nets suffered from foot injuries, along with Yao Ming, who suffered a foot injury that pretty much ended his career. Greg Oden was a great prospect from Ohio State in 2007 but has been regularly plagued by injuries. The hope is that Embiid will heal from this latest foot issue and will go on to make a big name for himself in the NBA. (NBC Sports, A doctor explains Joel Embiid’s foot injury, June 21, 2014)

“Sure, part of his appeal is that his frame can handle more muscle-and thus more weight-without sacrificing the athleticism that makes him such a special player, but he still weighs only 240 pounds. That’s not markedly bigger than the other players who have suffered from this injury, and it offers optimism that he won’t have the recurring history of Yao,” (Does Joel Embiid’s Latest Injury Scare Raise Greg Oden Red Flags: Bleacher Report, June 21, 2014).

“Injuries are serious business,” explains Frank N. Darras, disability insurance lawyer to the pros. “All NBA hopefuls are planning on a long, successful career so they can support themselves and their families. However, no one can predict the future so it’s best to have back up plans, which should always include insurance. Disability insurance is one of those policies all-star athletes should make a priority before they even sign a contract. In the event they are injured, their future income is insured through their disability benefits so they can live comfortably.”

Teams are justifiably wary about the risks of signing Embiid but the potential of adding another great player to their roster may be enough for them to overlook his past injuries. There could be many reasons why he is suffering from these injuries. Maybe it’s the jumping or other spectacular moves he makes on the court. Hopefully talented team trainers and doctors can isolate where his injuries originate. With any luck, Embiid will make a full recovery and move on to a wildly successful career in the NBA. (Fox Sports, No. 1 question: How far will Joel Embiid fall, June 21, 2014)

Pro athletes should always have a disability insurance policy to protect their future income. The hope is Embiid will never have to make use of this policy but it pays to be prepared. He should get in touch with a trusted insurance expert before he begins his professional career and cover all his bases. All potential NBA draftees should take these steps because an injury-free career is never guaranteed,” says Darras.

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