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Mad About The $700 Billion Bailout?

If you are sick and tired of taking the financial hit for bad business decisions of publicly traded companies, stand up and be counted today. The proposed Conseco Senior Health Insurance Trust may come into effect immediately after the deadline of September 30th
tomorrow and it could devastate 144,000 senior citizens, says Darras.

“If you have just one insurance policy of any type: auto, life, disability, mortgage, long-term care, you should call and/or email today and say NO. If this Conseco Trust goes through, it may set a precedent that could decimate your coverage when you need it most,” says Frank N. Darras, the nation’s leading disability and Long-Term Care insurance lawyer.

Unbelievably, not one Conseco policyholder was warned, advised or received written notice of the impending Trust from the company. An unannounced deadline of September 30, 2008 looms, while seniors have had no chance to voice their opinions. Why should these policyholders wind up in a Senior Health Insurance Trust when they were insured by Conseco? If these seniors wanted to self insure themselves they never would have relied on Conseco.

Take 2 minutes out of your day and call the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. Stand up for our seniors today. We cannot let a dangerous precedent be set. Make your voice heard. For detailed information, see http://www.savemyltc.com/ and say NO to the Trust. Call 717-787-2317 or toll free 877-881-6388 and/or fax (717) 787-8557 or email rbrackbill@state.pa.us. Make a firm statement that you PROTEST the Conseco Trust and demand the Department of Insurance say NO to Conseco.

“We are fighting for our grandparents and parents. We are fighting now, for ourselves and our children,” says Darras. “If Conseco establishes this Trust, policyholders will lose the peace of mind and security they richly paid for.”

Call, fax or write the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance today. The youngest victim in the proposed Trust is about 77 years old.

“Let’s stand up and protect your grandparents and mine,” says Darras.

Go to http://www.savemyltc.com/ or call 800-898-7299 and follow the directions to get your voice heard by the Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner. Demand they STOP the Trust. Time is of the essence, the written deadline is Sept 30, 2008.

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