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NASCAR’s Bobby Labonte, Knocked Out For 3 Weeks By Bicycle Injury

Regardless of lifestyle or profession, accidents happen. Often those accidents have nothing to do with that profession and expertise. Everyone from starters in the NFL to NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers, should have income protection and a rock-solid disability policy should they suffer career ending injury or illness.

Consider Bobby Labonte, who has 21 career wins in the Cup and is the only NASCAR driver to win both the Cup and Nationwide Series titles. Labonte simply took a bike ride on roads near his home and sustained injuries that sidelined him from 3 races. According to StockCarSpin.com three weeks ago, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Bobby Labonte suffered three broken ribs from the bicycle accident and was transported by ambulance to a local hospital and held overnight for observation.

“I was just on an hour ride and got a little … there were different heights of asphalt, it skimmed the front tire and blew the front out, I went over the handlebars and landed on the road,” Labonte said Saturday at NHMS to Kenny Bruce at NASCAR.com.

“It sounds crazy that a professional NASCAR driver would get injured in everyday life on a bicycle, going 20 MPH when he drives 200 MPH on the track. Yet, everyday activities can sometimes be the most dangerous, no matter what your professional training,” says Frank N. Darras, disability lawyer to the pros.

“Labonte’s 20 MPH accident should be a lesson to us all, that while we cannot control outside forces on our lives, we can control protecting our incomes and our families should the worst happen. Whether the injury is temporary or long-term, a disability policy provides added protection should an accident, injury or sickness take away the ability to produce an income. Regardless the size of your paycheck, taking action now to protect your livelihood is a smart move,” says Darras.

Talk to a trusted agent and enlist the help of a top disability insurance lawyer to get the best guidance on disability policy protection for your situation. Remember too, that insurance policies are written by insurance legal teams and the language is often tough to understand. Having competent help to decipher the fine print is critical when it comes to disability insurance protection.

On Sunday, Labonte was back behind the wheel for the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He will not be in the No. 47 next weekend at Dover, and it was announced earlier this season that AJ Allmendinger will replace him behind the wheel next year. (NASCAR.com, Bobby Labonte Works Way Back from Injury, September 21, 2013)

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