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NBA Looks at Nine First-Year Coaches this Season and in Order to Succeed, They Must Build Trust with Their Players

Jason Kidd may be the most recognized Hall of Famer to start out as head coach in the NBA this year, but with a total of nine new coaches in the NBA, they all are going to be watched, closely.

According to Sports Illustrated the nine coaches come from an assortment of backgrounds and all face the same daunting challenge: taking over a team and becoming the lead voice in a huddle and to the public for the first time.(SportsIllustrated.cnn.com, Challenges await NBA’s first-year head coaches, October 9, 2013)

Sports Illustrated’s Paul Forrester quotes coach Sacramento King’s Michael Malone in his article, saying, “Coaches have a saying: Players don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” Once they get that sense and they know that you are not only competent in what you’re doing and you know your stuff, but that you also care about them and are sincere about them, that’s where the buy-in takes place.” *

“I think about these coaches and players who have such a great opportunity for long and successful careers. The one thing that keeps coming to mind is the injuries we see in sports these days. In basketball, who can forget the devastating injury Louisville Cardinals Kevin Ware sustained last year or Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant tearing his Achilles tendon this past spring? Kobe posted on his Facebook page that he has made the same jump ‘a million times.’ In literally, a snap, a player’s future can take a turn that prematurely and often permanently ends his career. It’s fantastic that Kevin Ware is still young and ABC news reports that he is back to dunking for the Cardinals,* but it’s still unknown about Kobe’s return this season, or any,” says Frank N. Darras, disability lawyer to the pros.

Disability insurance can sound like a complicated subject to young players or even to seasoned players. They may think, “I don’t need that, I am completely able-bodied and that will never happen to me.” Think again, says Darras.

With this new generation of coaches in the NBA, striving for success and looking to get their players to trust them comes the responsibility of giving their teams a priceless gift. That gift is an education about disability insurance protection and how they all can protect their futures and their incomes should a career ending injury occur. All coaches, but especially this new breed of coaches should get the best, most competent expert to talk to their players and spell out the tricky language and the advantages of getting a total disability insurance policy as income protection for their futures, says Darras.

“For years, I have been meeting with star athletes and helping them navigate the fine print of disability insurance policies so should they sustain a career ending injury, on the court or in everyday life, they have the guarantee of an income. Most notably, I inform them how an own-occupation, individual disability insurance policy is every player’s ticket to a steady income, regardless of devastating injury or illness. A rock-solid private disability policy that allows a side-lined player to receive income and still engage in other areas of work such as that of coach or sportscaster is critical.

“Most people would think, looking at Kobe Bryant from the LA Lakers, that he has it made. At age 35, he has lasted for 17 years in a league that is brutally demanding. But, top players have big endorsement deals, lifestyles that are aligned with their incomes and, in general, big financial obligations. When a player has a career-ending injury, it is more than likely his endorsements will dry up, his paycheck will take a hit because he is not physically able to earn the income for which he is trained and, overall, the fallout from an injury can devastate even the most coveted lifestyle of a successful player. I’m not saying that will happen to Kobe, but it can. My hopes are that he has the proper coverage to sustain him even if he cannot play,” says Darras

“As the disability lawyer to the pros, I suggest all the new coaches and the veteran coaches get in the game and bring in top experts to define the best ways their teams can protect their futures,” says Darras.

*Sports Illustrated

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