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Notice to Claimants Denied by UnumProvident Since January 1, 2000 45 Day Clock Is Ticking Away

Frank Darras, America’s Leading Disability Insurance Lawyer Reminds Entitled Claimants That the Window to Apply for Re-Assessment Is Closing Quickly

Frank Darras, America’s leading disability litigator reminds entitled policyholders denied since January 1, 2000 by Unum Life Insurance Co. of America (NYSE: UNM),Paul Revere Life Insurance Co., Unum National Insurance Co., and Provident Life and Accident Insurance Co., that with their 60-day clock ticking, there is now less than 45 days for claimants to get on the reassessment list to have their claims reviewed under new claim objectives.

UnumProvident has already begun to send out letter notices to entitled claimants denied after January 1, 2000. This group of noticed insureds have 60 days to return their formal “Request to Participate Form,” use the Internet address on their notice to register with their claim number or call in to the Company at the number specified in their notice to be eligible for reassessment. It is crucial claimants realize this 60-day time frame is short and with time ticking away, only 45 days or less are left to be included in the reassessment process.

Submitting the “Request to Participate Form” in the reassessment process is the first step claimants must take, in a series of steps that will hopefully lead toward the resolution of denied claims with the Company. If there is any confusion or if there are any questions about signing the conditional waiver and release and giving up your rights to legal action against the Company, claimants are encouraged to call 800-898-7299 for clarification.

Once the “Request to Participate Form” is returned, all claims will be staged for review with the oldest denials reviewed first. “We are finding most of our claimants need our encouragement, steady direction and a healthy dose of emotional penicillin to ready themselves for the process,” says Darras.

The course of the reassessment process includes:

* Preparing exacting medical, occupational and financial information that will be required

* Meeting the second 180-day deadline of assembling voluminous evidentiary information

* Filling out the reassessment information forms including a detailed claimant’s statement, an employer’s statement showing work activity from the date the claim was closed through the present

* Demonstrating a clear loss of functional duties and/or a loss of income

* Claimants must assemble their comprehensive medical information including all treatment, visits, prescription records, including their restrictions and limitations that have prevented them from returning to work

* These insureds must also provide all other income benefits that he/she has received or is currently receiving.

“This is a difficult course for these disabled to embark upon, but it is a necessary undertaking and it may positively impact their lives forever,” says Darras. “I know that facing the reassessment process will take its toll on many of these disabled, in fact, just thinking about having to prove their disability all over again is down right paralyzing.

Rebuilding these disabled lives requires paving the reassessment highway with hope and exacting guidance on how this process can work for them.”

To learn more about the Multi-State Settlement Agreement, you are encouraged to visit the website at www.DarrasLaw.com, in the left hand column, under releases, click view all releases, scroll down to “60 DAY CLOCK IS TICKING FOR UNUMPROVIDENT CLAIMANTS TO SUBMIT THEIR REQUEST TO PARTICIPATE FORMS” and click read. If you have additional questions or concerns, please call us at toll free at 800-898-7299. For information on UnumProvident, you can visit http://www.state.tn.us/commerce/insurance/unum/AgreeExhibit1- ReassessProcess.pdf

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