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After Receiving a Shoulder Hit, Brooks Laich of the Capitals is Off the Ice and On Injured Reserve

According to CBS Sports, Brooks Laich of the Washington Capitals has been placed on injured reserve after a shoulder-to-shoulder hit with Shawn Thornton of the Florida Panthers. The coach of the Capitals, Barry Trotz, says Laich is expected back by the end of October after the upcoming three-game road trip to Western Canada.(Washington Capitals place Brooks Laich on injured reserve, CBS Sports, October 20, 2014)

While his current injury isn’t too severe, Laich missed 31 games this past season due to injuries. While a lot of circumstances are out of his control, all professional hockey players should review or purchase an individual disability insurance policy to protect their income.

There is no official word, but fans may see Laich back on the ice in time for their October 29th home game tonight, against Detroit.

Coach Trotz of the Capitals is certain Laich will be back on the ice without any hiccups: “Laich collided with Panthers winger Shawn Thornton late in a 2-1 shootout win, spinning around, holding his left shoulder and grimacing. He quickly disappeared into the locker room. Reached via email, Laich’s agent Roly Thompson declined comment on the injury’s nature, citing client confidentiality, but added that it was ‘not serious,’ a thought echoed by Trotz,” (Brooks Laich placed onto injured reserve: Washington Post, October 20, 2014).

“No one was sure how serious the injury was when Laich left the ice during the game against the Panthers,” comments Frank N. Darras, America’s top disability litigator. “As a spectator, it’s hard to watch these players get injured because you don’t know how bad it is. Some guys can just shake it off while others are laid out for weeks or even months.”

While disability insurance may seem like it’s only meant for star athletes like Brooks Laich, it is actually available for people in all walks of life. Everyone’s income is equally important and when injuries happen, the last thing someone needs to think about is how to pay their bills. Disability benefits can provide families with real financial stability in a time of anxiety and stress.

“With the amount of injuries frequently experienced by professional hockey players, I hope their disability insurance policies are solid. Hockey can be a violent sport, with some injuries on the temporary side while some are felt long-term. A great disability insurance policy will protect their income no matter what career-ending injury they may suffer. The same is true for the rest of us who also work to support our families. The benefits from your disability insurance policy will be there for your family, if you suffer chronic sickness or an injury,” says Darras.

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