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Safety on the Fourth of July Can Save Hundreds in Insurance Premiums

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, insurance may be the last thing on many Americans minds. However, there are more than $35 million per year in fire damages nationally due to fireworks and decorations associated with fireworks. In addition, thousands of people flood the emergency room each year from injuries caused by fireworks. A report conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that four people were killed and over 9,600 injured from Fourth of July-related fireworks in 2010.

“Fourth of July should be a time spent in celebration with family and friends and not waiting hours in line at the emergency room or spending all night on the phone with the insurance company. We all know that fireworks are a Fourth of July staple, but there are simple steps you can take to prevent accidents from happening and the day turning into shambles,” says Frank N. Darras, America’s top insurance lawyer.

Here’s Darras’ advice for safety on the Fourth:

  • Leave fireworks to the pros. Many communities have public fireworks displays run by professionals. Not only is it safer, but many of these shows have tons of free activities and food for the kids.
  • If dad is determined to produce his own firework show, have as few people around the lighting area as possible and read all warning labels and directions before lighting up. This will prevent unnecessary and avoidable injury.
  • Avoid areas of dry leaves or grass and ensure that there are no tree overhangs or gutters nearby. Gutters are common trouble areas that are often overlooked. One rogue fire work landing in a gutter filled with dry leaves and the whole house can quickly go up in flames.
  • Make sure to decorate with safety in mind. Leave decorations to a minimum in the area around the firework show. If decorations are lined with small fireworks, make sure to handle them safely.
  • If a firework fails to perform, leave it alone and back away from it. Sometimes what seems like a dud is actually just a late-bloomer and could go off at any second. Give a “dud” time and let it cool off before handling.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or water source handy. A bucket filled with water is a great alternative when not near a water source.
  • Keep kids and pets a safe distance away and in eyesight at all times.
  • Although tempting, stay away from illegal fireworks. They are illegal for a reason and are more dangerous than other types. Also, a ticket for using an illegal firework could mean a hike in homeowner’s premiums.

“While a lot of this seems like common sense, it’s amazing what you can forget in the excitement of the moment. Reminding yourself and your family of these simple tips can help save you a headache or heartbreak the day of the show. It’s also a good idea to read over your home or rental insurance policy. Know what’s covered and what’s not, including personal injuries on your property. Medical bills can rack up and some insurance policies won’t cover preventable injuries like those caused by illegal activity. Make sure you, your family, any guests and your property are covered before lighting any fireworks,” says Darras.

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