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As the School Year Approaches Once Again, Top Insurance Lawyer Suggests Parents Review Health and Disability Insurance Policies

Parents need to remember a lot of things when it comes time for kids to head back to school. There are school supplies to purchase, lunches to prepare, and also immunizations and other health requirements to schedule.

Most schools these days require up-to-date immunizations and doctor’s exams before they will allow the child to attend school. By keeping an active health insurance plan, families can provide their children with regular doctor’s appointments without breaking the bank. Health care insurance can be expensive but being caught without it can leave some people in debt for a long, long time. (USA.gov, Back to School)

If a family cannot afford a health insurance policy, there are other options to pursue for their children. Every year, the government offers Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for millions of children in low-income families. “The federal government sets minimum guidelines for Medicaid eligibility but states can choose to expand coverage beyond the minimum threshold. All states have done so for children – the average CHIP income eligibility level for children is 241% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL),” (Children: Medicaid.gov, July 2014).

“Parents also need to think about themselves and I don’t want anyone to forget how important a disability insurance policy can be, especially if you have kids,” states Frank N. Darras, America’s top disability insurance lawyer.“The disability policy will provide you benefits if you are injured or sick but keep in mind how your children will be affected before you say no. If you are not able to go to work, you’ll still need to put food on the table and get their clothes for the school year. Not to mention all the millions of other littlethings they will need.” (Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety, CDC, 2014)

As far as insurance policies go, disability insurance is one of the most underrated. Millions suffer disabling injuries or chronic sickness every year and don’t have a way to provide for their families while they are recovering. Disability insurance policies are very reasonably priced with the benefits far outweighing any cost. If athletes and other top earners feel the need to protect their income then imagine how important it is for everyone else.

“Our children should be the most vital factor in our decision-making but don’t neglect to realize how significant your own role is during the process. There are disability insurance experts out there ready and waiting for you to call. Get your financial ducks in a row now so you can be ready if your family ever experiences a disaster,” says Darras.

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