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Thanksgiving is a Busy Day for Insurance Companies; Review Your Policies Before the Holiday

Thanksgiving Day is the number one fire insurance claim day in America. It is also the most traveled holiday in our country which increases the number of car accidents and flight cancellations. So before stuffing the turkey or packing the car to visit the in-laws, make sure to take precautions and review three important insurance policies-the home, the car, and travel insurance.

“Thanksgiving is a joyful, but busy time. People become so focused on making the perfect meal or leaving early enough to avoid the pre-Thanksgiving traffic rush, they forget to check over their insurance policies to make sure they’re covered in the case of an accident,” says Frank N. Darras, America’s top insurance lawyer.

Texas is ranked number one, Illinois second, and Ohio third for the most insurance claims filed because of cooking accidents on Thanksgiving. Common causes for fires are too much oil in the fryer pot, dropping a frozen or partially thawed turkey into oil, or placing the fryer too close to structures. When deep-frying a turkey for the first time people often become distracted or overwhelmed and before you know it, the home is in flames.

“If you decide to try your hand at cooking the family meal on Thanksgiving for the first time, be aware of the hazards surrounding preparing a meal of this magnitude. Most importantly, review your home insurance policy before firing up the oven. Make sure you know what’s covered and what’s not under your policy. Store the policy in a safe, fire-proof location far away from the kitchen. The same advice can be applied to your car insurance policy. Know the deductibles you have and have that amount readily available in case of a major accident. Carry your insurance agent’s card in the car and program the insurance carrier’s numbers into your cell phone,” says Darras.

Early winter weather and airport congestion are all good reasons to invest in travel insurance. If an unexpected storm arrives at one of the major airports, airports around the country will experience delays. Purchasing a policy with travel delay or trip cancellation coverage will protect you and your family in these situations.

“Travel delay coverage will reimburse you for unexpected expenses, such as hotel rooms and meals if your trip is delayed for a covered reason like weather and the delay meets a minimum number of hours. If you are traveling with your entire family, purchasing a Cancel for Any Reason policy is a good idea. The more people you travel with, the more likely someone will get sick or have to cancel. Cancel for Any Reason policies allow you to be reimbursed up to a certain percentage of your entire trip cost if something suddenly goes wrong,” says Darras.

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy with family around the table, enjoying food, watching parades, and playing football in the yard. Make sure to review these important insurance policies to ensure peace of mind during the holidays.

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