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Top Insurance Lawyer Frank N. Darras to Host Weekly Video Series

America’s top disability insurance lawyer, Frank N. Darras, announces today that he is launching a weekly video series titled “Insurance Advice You Can Understand.” The series will air a new episode each Monday at 10am PDT on the DarrasLaw YouTube channel. Darras will cover a wide range of insurance-related questions and topics, including disability, long-term care, homeowners, car insurance and more. His goal is to turn the complicated “legalese” and “fine print” into language that consumers can clearly understand.

“Lawyers speak a language of their own and go through years of schooling to become experts in this language. We are constantly learning new laws and language of those laws so we can provide the best advocacy for our clients. Insurance law gets trickier because carriers use ambiguous language in their policies, making it almost impossible for policyholders to understand. My goal with these videos is to take the latest insurance news, combined with common policy mistakes I see every day and lay it out for consumers in easy to understand language,” says Darras.

Past topics Darras has covered:

  • Real Protection
  • Top 10 Mistakes Policyholders Make
  • Insurance: Disability Denials

“I’m in the business of helping people take on disability and long-term care insurance companies that wrongfully delay or deny claims. I want to pass along the lessons I’ve learned over the last 27 years to Americans across the nation. These videos will help consumers get answers to everyday insurance questions, and will provide money-saving tips,” says Darras.

Videos will be also be posted, archived and categorized in the Media Room at DarrasLaw.com for easy access on insurance matters that affect all policyholders

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