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Vikings Quarterback Matt Cassel Out With a Broken Foot

According to Fox Sports, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel was recently placed on the injured reserve list for a broken right foot. The chances are high that he will not be back this season thus moving Teddy Bridgewater into place as the Vikings quarterback for 2014.

Just like other broken bones, those in the foot can take months to heal. The team doctors will be able to keep a close eye on Cassel to make sure he is healing properly and will be able to make a full recovery. In the meantime, Cassel should keep an eye on his disability insurance policy in case this becomes a career-ending injury.

“The Vikings named Cassel their starting quarterback at the beginning of the season and had planned not to have a ‘quick hook’ with him, as coach Mike Zimmer had put it. But their plan to bring Bridgewater along slowly is now gone, and they’ll turn things over to the rookie, who can claim the job for good by the time Cassel is healthy again,” (Minnesota Vikings put Matt Cassel on injured reserve: ESPN, September 24, 2014).

“Being on the sidelines due to a broken foot is definitely no fun for Cassel,” comments Frank N. Darras, America’s disability insurance lawyer to the pros. “I’m sure he is in excellent hands with the Vikings’ team doctors and has a good prognosis. Some athletes are not so lucky and end up having to leave their team due to an injury. Even though I’ve only heard news of his eventual comeback, I sure hope Cassel has a disability insurance policy in place.”

Many athletes and other talented individuals tend to add an own-occupation rider to their disability insurance policy as an extra precaution. This feature allows the policyholder to work another job while still collecting benefits. For instance, some doctors who can no longer practice their craft may collect the benefits from their policy even if they have found a job teaching. While an own-occupation rider may be for individuals with a lot of talent, there are plenty of other features that policyholders can use to their advantage.

“A disability insurance policy is nothing to play around with so I highly encourage each and every one of you to talk with a qualified insurance agent today. Not only will they be able to help you purchase a policy but they will be able to make recommendations based on what you may need down the road. Disability insurance is not just for professional athletes but is a necessity for each and every one of us,” says Darras.

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