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In Wake of CIGNA Settlement, Consult a Top Disability Lawyer

On May 13, the Department of Insurance from five states completed a multi-year investigation of Cigna Insurance Company’s long term disability claims process and entered into a Regulatory Settlement Agreement. As the nation’s top long term disability attorney, Frank N. Darras warns claimants that they should use extreme caution when seeking benefits during the reassessment period without first consulting with a top rated disability insurance attorney.

“This is confirmation that Cigna / Life Insurance Company of North America may have mishandled long term disability claims resulting in the wrongful denial of thousands of disability claims. While the opportunity to have your claim reassessed is great, make sure to consult an experienced long term disability insurance lawyer first so you don’t mistakenly waive your rights to a lawsuit later and to ensure you follow the reassessment process correctly,” says Darras.

The agreement, which was led by the states of California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania requires Cigna to implement enhanced claim handling procedures, undergo monthly monitoring and reporting to the Department of Insurance for two years, and reassess long term disability denials for the residents of the five states which occurred anytime in 2009 and 2010. For California residents, the reassessment reaches claims back to 2008.

“If your claim was denied by Cigna during this time period and you live in one of the above named states, you should contact a disability insurance lawyer immediately. You must notify Cigna of your right to have your claim reevaluated within 60 days of the date of the letter. Before submitting this reevaluation, be sure to seek legal advice and representation from a top disability insurance attorney and communicate with them regularly throughout the process. Be warned that Cigna isn’t automatically obligated to pay denied claims and anticipate that the level of scrutiny will be heightened with the spotlight on unreasonable denial Cigna will be going through your reevaluation with a fine tooth comb,” says Darras.

Darras and his long term disability team are committed to helping claimants get all they rightfully deserve and would be happy to help any individual who does not have the resources to take such action. DarrasLaw has an emergency hotline number for anyone affected by the CIGNA settlement and can be reached by calling 800-898-7299.

“Don’t wait to reach out for help. This process is tricky and it helps to have an experienced top long term disability insurance lawyer on your side who has worked with similar cases. Pick up the phone and get real help today,” says Darras.

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