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Women Making More Choices Frank N. Darras Weighs In

You know a social enigma is passé when people wonder why you are even bringing it up anymore. Anyone can choose to sit anywhere they want on the bus, people of all colors, shapes and sizes go to the same restaurants and movie theaters and women get to choose whether to have a career outside the home or not. Women, in fact, now have more choice and more equality than they have ever had in all of history, says Frank N. Darras, the nation’s top long-term disability insurance lawyer.

With this range of choices comes an increased level of responsibility. Women make up 46.8% of the workforce these days and sometimes contribute more to household income than their significant others. That income stream should be protected against the possibility of something happening which would jeopardize the lifestyle their family has become accustomed. See www.darraslaw.com

“While women are typically concerned about health issues and health insurance, they often are too busy making sure everyone in the family has good health to review their disability insurance coverage and protect their biggest asset, their income,” says Darras. “Taking a look at the big picture women need to think hard about what would happen if they couldn’t perform their job for a period of time. How would they make up for the loss of valuable income?”

For this reason, it is important women investigate short-term and long-term disability insurance. Even though some employers generally offer some sort of disability insurance, the benefits are generally taxable and, more importantly, are usually governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This act greatly limits consumer remedies available to disabled policyholders in the event that you have to file a claim and that claim is denied. Individual disability policies may cost a bit more, but they will be terrific if your disability insurer wrongfully denies your legitimate claim.

“Just think, if you were sick or injured would you have the strength and stamina to fight an ERISA-governed dispute for benefits?” says Darras. “Long-term disability claims are full of tricky limitations and stringent appeal deadlines. Most people get crushed when they try to appeal without the help of a seasoned, long-term disability attorney.”

“It is best to pay a little extra now and know that if you get sick or injured your individual coverage will be there. Long-term disability claims don’t provide any remedy for your emotional distress, extra damages like poor credit, foreclosure and there are no punishment damages available. Individual disability insurance is so much better if you can afford it because you get the rights and remedies to take on a billion dollar disability insurer,” says Darras.

Buy non-cancellable, guaranteed renewable individual disability insurance. Your carrier cannot raise your premiums or cancel your coverage if you file a claim, says Darras.

Women make great decisions every day and with a little help, disability insurance will be a piece of cake. Enlist a competent agent to guide you through the process and ask about anything you don’t understand.

“Before you file your claim or appeal your long-term disability denial, get free help from a top long-term disability attorney,” Darras cautions.

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