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Yordano Ventura’s Arm Injury to Be One of Many for MLB Pitchers This Season

Yordano Ventura is a rookie pitcher for the Kansas City Royals and has some amazing skills on the pitching mound. Watching Ventura’s pitching abilities shows how intense some of his throws really are along with the inherent dangers. This stress on his arm and elbow could mean a chance for long-term damage, which was realized after he suffered from pain in his arm during a recent game.

Ventura will be back on the field soon since his MRI results showed nothing that would keep him out of the game for any significant amount of time. Experts are thinking his pain could be due to inflammation but pitchers can never take these injuries lightly. A talented player like Ventura should think about an individual disability policy to protect their lifestyle and their families’ financial future (Yordano Ventura Latest Victim of Arm Injury, but Royals Rookie Escapes Worst, Belacher Report, May 27, 2014).

“Trainers went out to examine Ventura in the third inning when they noticed a decrease in the velocity on his fastball. But they were confident there was no ligament damage when Ventura said the pain was on the outside of the elbow, rather than on the inside of it,” (Kansas City Royals pitchers Yordano Ventura (elbow), Kyle Zimmer (back) hurt: ESPN, May 27, 2014).

“This must be a hard pill to swallow for Ventura,” comments Frank N. Darras, America’s disability insurance lawyer to the pros. “As a rookie, Ventura is trying to make a place for himself in Major League Baseball. While injuries can happen to anyone, they are especially tough for rookies since they are just starting out. I recommend individual disability policies for every athlete but pitchers are highly susceptible to arm and shoulder injuries where one throw can make or break a career.” (Mining the Disabled List for Insight Into Baseball Injuries, NPR, August 5, 2011)

Own-occupation coverage is an important addition for any disability insurance policy, especially for someone with talent like Ventura. Pitching puts serious stress on an athlete’s arm, increasing the chance of a disabling and career-ending injury. Own-occupation coverage will allow an injured pitcher to continue receiving disability benefits even after finding another job or a different occupation. Many pro athletes find a second career in broadcasting or similar work where their knowledge is in demand as a way to help support the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

“If you are involved as an athlete, whether it’s baseball or another sport, you need to talk with your insurance agent as soon as possible. You think a serious injury will never happen to you. You’ll just brush it off, rest a bit and you’ll be back on your feet. Things don’t always happen the way we expect so get your disability insurance policy ready to go. You’ll be grateful you did and so will your family,” says Darras.

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