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Your first line of defense against ERISA claim denials

Many California residents suffering from a long-term disabilities often have a legitimate right to benefits under ERISA, which is an acronym for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. However, these claims are subject to acceptance by insurance companies. Insurance is an industry like many others and this means the companies that provide this insurance do not want to part with their funds. As such, claim denials are an unfortunate by-product of filing for benefits.

Fortunately, victims of unethical long-term disability insurance denials can fight back with help from a California insurance lawyer. When it seems like you will never get the benefits you deserve on your own, an attorney can become your first line of defense. Some of the ways a lawyer will help you fight against the insurance company is by assisting you with filing an appeal, and if that fails, helping you file a denied ERISA disability lawsuit. Successfully overturning the insurance company’s decision will put the benefits you need within your grasp.

While working with an attorney is likely your best bet if your claim and your appeal are denied, you need to make sure the lawyer you choose has the right kind of experience. Insurance companies use many tactics to avoid paying claims. To combat this, you will need an attorney who is familiar with those tactics and who has a firm understanding of ERISA law.

We at Darras Law take pride in our extensive experience with the law surrounding ERISA. Our history shows that we take long-term disability insurance claim denials seriously and work to protect the rights of our clients. Please read more about our experience with ERISA and insurance claim denials on our website.

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