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The Perils Of Pursuing Olympic Glory

As the Olympic Games kick off in Rio, much of the customary fanfare has been replaced with angst over a perceived lack of preparation and unusual threats facing athletes, media, and fans alike.

  • The Zika virus
  • Water quality issues
  • The threat of violence
  • Lack of law enforcement
  • Local and national political turmoil
  • Poor conditions in the athletic dorms

These are troubling issues for athletes, many of whom have trained a lifetime for the opportunity to achieve Olympic glory on the global stage. However, the most important threat facing Olympic athletes is the ever-present threat of injury.

One Injury Can Spell Financial Disaster For An Olympic Athlete

When an injury takes an athlete off the Olympic stage it can prevent them from earning a living for years to come. Olympic athletes rely primarily on endorsement deals to fund their expenses while they devote countless hours to training. For example, snowboarder Shaun White earned $20 million from various endorsements and related ventures.

Without Olympic results to build their personal brand and provide their sponsors with notoriety, there is little incentive to offer an endorsement deal. That can spell the end of an athlete’s Olympic dreams, preventing them from recovering and training for future competitions.

Dangers Facing Professional Athletes

Pro athletes face the risk of injury or disability, potentially leaving them without coverage depending on the terms of their contract. Having a disability insurance policy in place can make all the difference in the event of an Olympic injury their professional team refuses to pay for.

Nationwide Representation For Elite Athletes

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