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How Long-Term Disability Insurers Use Social Media Against You

Posted September 16, 2022

Statistics show there are now over 127 million Instagram users in the United States. The platform, which is owned by Facebook parent company Meta, invites members to document their lives through pictures and video footage. While this can be a great way of expressing yourself, it also presents risks in certain situations. If you’re filing […]

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Insurance Companies Use Social Media and Technology to Reject Long-Term Disability Claims

Posted October 6, 2021

If a life-changing sickness or injury results in a long-term disability, insurance companies are expected to work with claimants to evaluate the claim in good faith. Unfortunately, many disability insurers treat their customers as ATM machines: good for taking premium money without returning the monthly disability benefits they’ve agreed to pay in a timely manner. […]

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Filing a Disability Benefits Claim? Update Your Linkedin Profile

Posted November 7, 2016

Is it legal for insurers to follow you around without your knowledge or consent, and is any public place fair game for disability insurer surveillance—including social media? Because of the nature of social media—as a digital common where individuals produce, share, and consume information at lightning speeds—almost anyone can access the things you post, despite […]

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How Your LinkedIn Profile Can Topple Your Disability Insurance Claim

Posted July 23, 2015

We’ve discussed before how your social media activity can negatively affect your insurance claim, but there’s one social media that’s often left out of the conversation: LinkedIn. If you’re unable to work due to a disability, here’s why you need to update your LinkedIn profile and how to do it. Why change it? LinkedIn exists […]

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How Social Media Endangers Your Insurance Claim

Posted July 10, 2015

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Social media can keep us connected, but what we post can also haunt us in unanticipated ways. This is especially true if you’ve filed an insurance claim, such as a disability insurance claim, a workers compensation claim, a personal injury claim or auto insurance claim.

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