Why Choose DarrasLaw?


The legal team at DarrasLaw brings more than 100 years of insurance, claims, administrative, and litigation experience to the table. No one has seen more, evaluated more, and resolved more disability insurance problems than DarrasLaw. We have represented every type of disabled policyholder: professional athletes, Hollywood A-listers, medical and legal professionals, teachers, first responders, clergy, union members, and the heart of our practice – blue-collar workers.


DarrasLaw has a reputation for excellence. Its attorneys, including founder Frank N. Darras, have received countless honors and awards, published hundreds of articles, and been invited to lecture on individual disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and long-term disability nationwide. We are passionate about our practice and it shows.


Giant disability insurance companies employ an army of lawyers and seemingly bottomless war chests. DarrasLaw has the resources to take on the toughest cases against the biggest carriers. We have recovered nearly $1 Billion in wrongfully denied insurance benefits. We give the ill, injured, and disabled a powerful voice with vigorous national representation.


Insurance claim forms are intentionally ambiguous and can be confusing. Don’t underestimate the damage you can do to your claim by making an innocent mistake. Take advantage of our Free Policy Analysis, Free Consultation, and Free Claim Assistance. There is no catch; free really means free.


DarrasLaw helps disabled policyholders in every state, from every walk of life, recover wrongfully denied insurance benefits. No matter where you live, you can turn to us for help. Lawyers from all over the country refer clients to us and partner with us on their toughest cases. Our national practice allows us to quickly identify and combat new insurance company denial strategies in individual disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and long-term disability claims.


It’s our honor to represent chronically ill, injured, and disabled policyholders. We are passionate about helping them recover wrongfully denied or unreasonably delayed insurance benefits. We encourage you to read and hear what they say about us.

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Why Choose DarrasLaw?

We are the most awarded disability law firm in the nation. Insurance companies will not pay full value of a case if they don’t respect the law firm representing you.

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