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AIG, short for American General Life and Accident Insurance Co., is one of the biggest life insurance companies in the world. According to one source, Harris’ Interactive 14 th Annual Reputation Quotient Survey, it is also the most hated company in America. One reason could be the huge taxpayer-funded bailout that AIG received during the financial crisis. Another could be a poor customer service reputation.

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If your valid claim for AIG disability insurance benefits was turned down or if your policy was wrongly canceled, our attorneys are here to help you. At DarrasLaw, our team of nationally-rated disability insurance attorneys are known for our hard work helping insureds just like you receive the benefits you deserve. To learn how we can help you with an AIG denied claim or other problem with this insurance giant, call 800-898-7299 or complete our online contact form.

AIG Wants You To Give Up On Your Valid Insurance Claim – We Don’t Let You

AIG is a huge company and is able to afford high-priced company attorneys and claims adjusters whose jobs revolve around protecting the company’s bottom line. One of the easiest ways to do this is to deny claims – even valid claims. This is done with the hope that claimants will give up if they are denied. Unfortunately, many people do, dropping their claims and letting the company get away with failing to live up to its side of the insurance contract bargain.

Most insurance companies make a large proportion of their profits by investing the premiums they receive. In contrast, AIG is known for trying to make a profit on actual claims – taking in more in premiums than is paid out in benefits. As a result, it often denies valid initial claims.

Former claims supervisors allege that the company uses a variety of subterfuges to avoid paying claims. These include locking checks away until beneficiaries complained, denying payment of attorneys fees until they were at least a year old, fighting insureds in court for years over minor and straightforward claims and “accidentally” destroying critical documents.

If you have experienced any of these delay, deny or terminate practices from AIG, do not give up. Our law firm has the experience, knowledge and resources to go head-to-head with AIG, the biggest insurance company in the United States. Our top-ranked team of disability insurance lawyers have recovered nearly $1 billion on behalf of insureds just like you.

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Whether you were denied a short-term disability claim or a long-term disability claim, whether you have individual disability insurance or are insured under an employer-sponsored or group insurance program, we can help you get the benefits you were promised. Call or email the attorneys at DarrasLaw at 800-898-7299 to discuss your situation and learn how they can help you. We handle AIG claims nationwide.

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