Did You Receive A Disability Claim Denial Letter From Assurant?

Assurant is headquartered in New York City and offers a variety of insurance products, including consumer property and casualty and group dental, health, life and disability insurance. Founded in 1892, the company began operations by focusing on disability insurance. It is one of the largest providers of employer-sponsored short- and long-term disability insurance.

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If you have had problems collecting on an Assurant disability policy, you are not alone. The company has been involved in numerous high-profile lawsuits alleging bad faith in its health insurance operations. As a result, Assurant has had to pay millions of dollars in judgments and has paid fines in many states for its unethical practices.

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Common Complaints About Assurant Disability Claims

One consumer complaint is illustrative of the types of problems Assurant disability policyholders face: A man with back problems required surgery and went on short-term disability. Although he was supposed to receive 60 percent of his pay every two weeks, the checks never arrived on time.

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Other consumers report being asked for multiple forms one at a time, so that processing of their claims was delayed. Another policyholder reported that he was treated like a debtor, not a client, when he sought to use his short-term disability benefits after back surgery left him temporarily unable to work. These are typical of the many complaints that appear on Internet sites about Assurant and its insurance claims-handling practices.

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