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AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co.

Did AXA Equitable Life Insurance Deny Your Disability Claim?

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co., based in New York City, offers products such as life insurance, mutual funds and retirement investments. AXA Equitable Life Insurance offers disability policies, but things do not always go smoothly when an insured person makes a claim. In efforts to maximize profits – and minimize payouts – valid disability claims may be denied, delayed or undervalued.

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If your AXA Equitable disability insurance claim has been denied, a top-rated disability attorney from DarrasLaw can help. DarrasLaw has recovered nearly $1 billion on behalf of insured people like you. We understand the tactics that insurance companies use and we will not meet them in the middle – we will get you every dollar you deserve.

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AXA Equitable Fined $20 Million

AXA Equitable proudly lists its financial strength ratings and positive client testimonials on its website, but the insurer was recently fined a record-setting $20 million by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

NY officials say that AXA Equitable changed retirement-income contracts without notifying regulators. The changes, New York authorities say, were made to boost AXA’s profits, but could prove damaging to its investors and limit their gains. This is one example of how an insurance company may act in the best interests of its own financial well-being, even when it conflicts with the interests of its policyholders.

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DarrasLaw adeptly represents clients anywhere in the nation, including New York. If you need help with your disability insurance claim, why wouldn’t you partner with the law firm that examines 2,500 new disability insurance policies every month?

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