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Are You Expecting Disability Benefits From Colonial Life That Have Not Been Approved?

If you have tried to collect benefits on a Colonial Life disability policy after becoming unable to work because of illness or injury, you may have experienced delays and denials because of alleged pre-existing conditions. It turns out that you are not alone; many policyholders have had a similar experience.

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If you were told that your pre-existing condition made you ineligible for benefits, even though you made all premium payments, you may have options. Speak with a top-rated disability appeals attorney at DarrasLaw to learn about your rights and options after being denied disability benefits by Colonial Life & Accident Insurance. Call 800-458-4577 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.

Examples Of Insurance Bad Faith By Colonial Life

Stories abound about disability benefit denials by Colonial Life:

  • One policyholder was told that she should have gone to urgent care when she first started to feel sick, and the insurer refused to pay for work days missed before she saw a physician for a diagnosis.
  • Another was denied benefits because Colonial Life claimed it had never received medical records for initial underwriting.
  • A third policyholder was told that claims for pre-existing conditions would be honored after five years, but she experienced delays even though her first surgery for the condition was seven years before the claim.
  • A policyholder diagnosed with atrial fibrillation was told that because he had high blood pressure when he applied for disability insurance, the insurer would not cover his claim based on atrial fibrillation.

If you have filed a disability claim with your insurance provider because you are unable to work, our team of top-rated attorneys understand that you may be suffering significant financial stress that can work to make your medical problems worse. Nationwide, our disability attorneys at DarrasLaw are here to help you obtain the disability benefits you need and deserve.

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If your valid claim for short or long-term disability benefits was denied outright or if Colonial Life has unreasonably delayed paying your benefits, our lawyers have experience with disability insurers and obtaining your benefits. We are familiar with the tactics and excuses used by this insurer to limit the amount it pays out in claims. Call us at 800-458-4577 or contact us online for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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