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Liberty Mutual

Did You Receive A Denial Of Benefits On Your Liberty Mutual Disability Claim

Liberty Mutual, based in Boston, Massachusetts, leads the way in consumer complaints, according to a report prepared by the American Association for Justice. That same report lists Liberty Mutual as 10th in its listing of the 10 worst insurance companies in America.

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Complaints about Liberty Mutual and its handling of short and long-term disability claims are easy to find. There are numerous individual stories about delayed payments and wrongly-denied claims because of paperwork that was allegedly lost or never received.

If you have been denied disability benefits by Liberty Mutual, you should have an experienced, top-rated disability insurance lawyer on your side. At DarrasLaw, our attorneys are known for their success taking on large insurance companies such as Liberty Mutual. Call us at 800-898-7299 for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation or contact our law office online.

Liberty Mutual, An Insurance Company Known For Anti-Consumer Practices

In addition to denying legitimate disability claims, Liberty Mutual has been accused of a variety of doubtful practices, including violation of New York state law by declining to renew coverage when the insured had polices with multiple companies. It also has faced bid-rigging charges and complaints from its own agents and vendors, who allege that poor customer service and incidents of bad faith have resulted in lawsuits against them.

At DarrasLaw, we are known not only for our ability to fight for clients whose disabilities prevent them from working, but also for our compassion. We know that fighting a large disability insurance corporation is a daunting task and a source of stress. Our lawyers, support staff and in-house medical staff all understand the challenges our clients face and go the extra mile to answer questions, address concerns and make sure clients know that they are individuals, not case numbers.

Liberty Mutual has a team of attorneys and adjusters on its side when it denies valid disability insurance benefits. Put our top-rated, nationally-recognized team of disability insurance appeal attorneys at DarrasLaw on yours.

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