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Massachusetts Mutual Financial Group

Did You Receive A Denial Of Benefits From MassMutual?

With $27.6 billion in revenue, MassMutual was ranked 96th in the Fortune 500 for 2014. Massachusetts Mutual has shown that it can consistently deliver profits, but many policyholders feel that overall profits have come at their expense. If you feel that MassMutual has wrongfully denied or delayed your disability insurance claim, take action to protect your rights.

You have the right to contact an attorney for assistance with the disability benefits process. At DarrasLaw, we review thousands of policies each month. We know what tactics insurers like MassMutual are using to deny valid disability claims. We can help. For immediate assistance, call our law office today at 800-898-7299 or contact our disability attorneys online. The consultation is free.

Secure The Disability Benefits You Deserve From MassMutual

If you received a denial letter from Massachusetts Mutual after making a valid claim for disability benefits, it may seem as though the company that promised to protect you from some of life’s biggest challenges is actually creating more for you. A denial letter is not the end of the road; in fact, it’s just the beginning. You have the right to fight back against a wrongful denial of disability benefits by MassMutual.

It may be time to contact a top disability insurance attorney if Massachusetts Mutual has done any of the following in processing your claim:

  • Requested field visit(s) by a claims manager or claims adjuster from MassMutual
  • Challenged your own personal credibility based on your submissions in support of your valid claim for disability benefits
  • Was unwilling to accept a resolution in your favor as MassMutual identifies issues with your claim for benefits
  • Appeared to completely misunderstand your disability policy or your eligibility for benefits
  • Requested mountains of paperwork only to be told that the requested information was never received by Massachusetts Mutual
  • Failed to respond in a timely manner when contacted about your valid disability benefits claim, leading to delays in processing your disability benefits
  • Required that you attend a Functional Capacity Exam (FCE) or Independent Medical Exam (IME)
  • Cancelled your benefits after submission of the proper monthly Disability Progress Report

Whether your disability insurance policy is held by Massachusetts Mutual or that company is acting as a third-party administrator for your disability benefits claim, any time you receive correspondence from the company you should read through it thoroughly. If it contains misstatements about your disability or your benefits claim, you should take steps to correct those immediately. Do not let your disability insurer cloud your valid claim for benefits with mistakes and misinformation. Call a Massachusetts Insurance bad faith lawyer today.

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