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Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

Was Your Valid Claim For Disability Benefits Denied By Northwestern?

With more than $802 million in profits during 2013, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. ranks 110 on the Fortune 500 list. Despite Northwestern Mutual’s financial health, people with legitimate short- or long-term disability claims often receive a denial letter when they attempt to collect on their insurance policy. It seems that Northwestern claims examiners simply have too high a standard for determining what counts as a disability under its own policies.

At DarrasLaw, our team of nationally-rated disability attorneys reviews thousands of disability policies each month. We know what a disability carrier is looking for to deny your claim and we know what they need to see to approve your claim. If you are having trouble securing disability benefits from Northwestern Mutual, contact our law firm today for assistance. We can be reached online or by phone at 800-898-7299 for a free consultation.

Getting Northwestern The Information Needed To Approve Your Claim For Benefits

Northwestern Mutual provides both group and individual disability benefits. Their claims examiners will review your medical records often with the assistance of a doctor or nurse paid by Northwestern to determine your eligibility for benefits.

Unfortunately, your doctor’s notes from your visits may not include enough information for these examinations to reveal that you are totally or partially disabled or they may include one or two phrases that Northwestern will hold onto to deny your valid claim for benefits. A top disability insurance attorney can help you prepare your initial claim for benefits as well as fight a denial of benefits by ensuring that your records accurately reflect your disability.

In addition, a top disability insurance lawyer can help you if Northwestern:

  • Evaluated whether you are disabled under an “own occupation” policy or “any occupation” policy based on an incorrect job description
  • Interpreted your “own occupation” policy as an “any occupation” policy instead
  • Failed to consider the specific requirements of your occupation in determining whether you are disabled, rather than the general duties of someone in your profession
  • Refused to fully evaluate all available medical evidence to determine your eligibility for benefits
  • Unreasonably denied or delayed your individual or group disability benefits
  • Underpaid your valid claim for disability benefits
  • Violated your rights and applicable insurance regulations under ERISA

If you are required to attend an Independent Medical Exam (IME) or Functional Capacity Exam (FCE) as part of the process of approving your valid claim for disability benefits, you should talk to a disability attorney first. The doctor chosen by Northwestern may not be an appropriate specialist for your disability and the actions taken during your exam may also result in further injury. Let us help you.

Call DarrasLaw Today For Help With Your Northwestern Mutual Disability Claim

If you are experiencing unreasonable delays or have had your claim for benefits denied by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, contact DarrasLaw today. We understand that a disability affects your income from the day it happens; if you run your own business or your own practice as an attorney or doctor, a delay in receiving disability insurance benefits may mean no income at all.

Call 800-898-7299 today for immediate assistance with your Northwestern disability benefits claim or contact our law office online. We also offer free policy analysis.

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