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Sun Life Financial Disability Attorney

Were You Denied Disability Insurance Benefits By Sun Life Financial?

An Experienced Sun Life Financial Disability Lawyer

Sun Life Financial Disability AttorneysSun Life has been in the headlines the past several years for the wrong reason: policyholders suing the Fortune 500 company for wrongfully denying legitimate claims. Rather than treat you as a valued customer, many Sun Life Financial insureds have found that they were treated like a suspect as soon as they made a valid claim for disability benefits. Has Sun Life sent investigators to question you, your family and anyone even remotely tied to your disability claim only to deny your request for benefits? Talk to our Sun Life Financial Disability Attorney if you are being mistreated.

You are not alone in receiving an initial denial from Sun Life. You will not be alone in fighting this denial either. At DarrasLaw, our team of top-rated national disability insurance attorneys is here to help you fight back after Sun Life wrongfully delays, denies or terminates your disability benefits. Call 800-898-7299 today for a free consultation.

Common Practices Used By Sun Life To Delay, Dispute, Deny or Terminate Benefits

Sun Life Financial or Sun Life Insurance Company of Canada is one of the largest providers of long term disability insurance to individuals throughout the United States. They have taken specific steps to grow their brand within the U.S., including purchasing naming rights to Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

At the same time, Sun Life is making a name for itself among those who have long-term disability insurance with the company who, despite having a valid claim for benefits, have been denied disability benefits. Has Sun Life tried to:

  • Bury you in endless mountains of paperwork?
  • Unreasonably delay making a determination on your valid claim for disability insurance benefits?
  • Question, or actually interrogate, you, your family or others close to you as part of their claim evaluation process?
  • Base a denial of benefits on a questionable medical peer review that denies widely-accepted medical condition correlations, such as stress to coronary artery disease (CAD) or heart failure?
  • Buy out your disability policy with a low-ball offer after threatening to deny your claim for insurance benefits?
  • Suggest that you do not need an attorney on your side to explain your rights under your policy, or under ERISA if applicable, throughout the claims process?

Do not take no for an answer from Sun Life. Do not accept a settlement offer from Sun Life on your disability insurance policy without first consulting with a top disability insurance lawyer. You have rights in this process; you do not have to be at the mercy of a disability insurance company and you do not have to face the insurer or claims adjuster on your own.

Call Our Sun Life Financial Disability Attorney For A Free Consultation

At DarrasLaw, our attorneys review thousands of policies each month and we have already recovered nearly $1 billion in benefits on behalf of our clients. Let us help you with your claim for valid disability benefits after a wrongful denial by Sun Life Financial. We work with men and women across the country whose disability benefits have been unreasonably delayed or denied by Sun Life and we fight for the benefits you deserve.

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DarrasLaw was the answer to my prayers. I am grateful for the way they handled my case.

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I think Frank Darras was just absolutely brilliant. He didn't miss one detail of the case. In the end, we were successful. It happened for us that it was a financial victory and a moral victory.

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I would like to say to any potential client that if you feel as though no one is listening to you and you are being run around by your insurance companies. I can't recommend DarrasLaw highly enough.

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Getting help means calling the right attorney...and the right attorney will be Frank Darras.

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DarrasLaw did a great job for me... I highly recommend them to resolve your issues because they can do it.

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