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Was Your Disability Benefits Claim Denied By Trustmark?

Trustmark, or Trustmark Disability Advisors, is both an insurance company and a third-party claims administrator that works with disability insurance companies to manage claims for disability insurance benefits. According to Trustmark, its disability insurance “goes to work when you can’t.”

When Trustmark doesn’t go to work for you, and instead denies your valid claim for disability benefits, our top-rated, nationally-recognized disability law firm can help. At DarrasLaw, we offer a free consultation and immediate assistance for those who are dealing with a wrongful claim denial.

Has Trustmark Delayed Or Denied Your Valid Claim For Disability Benefits?

Every insurer has a responsibility to deal with its insureds in good faith. This includes timely reviewing a claim for disability benefits and the approval of valid claims. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and claims that should be approved by Trustmark are unreasonably delayed or denied altogether.

You should talk to a top disability lawyer about your rights if Trustmark denied your valid claim for benefits to determine if the denial was caused by:

  • A failure to review all medical evidence of your disability presented in your claim or as a supplement to initial claim package
  • A determination that you were working in a dual occupation at the onset of the claim so total disability benefits were denied
  • An unending stream of requests for additional information about your disability, only to claim that necessary documentation was not received, resulting in a denial of benefits.
  • A violation of your rights or the protections guaranteed by ERISA or state law(s).

If your disability benefits are administered by Trustmark, our disability professionals can assist with your monthly claims handling.

Has Trustmark Offered You A Lump Sum Buy-Out?

Do not accept an offer to end you disability coverage with a lump sum payment without first talking to a top disability insurance attorney. We offer a free consultation and can help you understand the pros and cons of accepting a buy-out offered by Trustmark. We want you to be fully informed before you make the decision to accept or decline Trustmark’s buy-out offer, including discussing whether Trustmark is “low-balling” your claim.

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At DarrasLaw our team of top-ranked disability insurance attorneys handles wrongful denials nationwide. We have recovered nearly $1 billion in unpaid insurance benefits for people just like you. Call 800-898-7299 today to talk to a disability lawyer if Trustmark denied your valid claim for benefits. We can also be reached online.

If you’re considering taking out an individual disability policy, we offer free policy analysis to ensure you are getting the protection you expect.

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