Disability Attorneys Assisting Claimants in Ohio

Ohio individual disability insurance matters can be intimidating. That is by design. Insurance companies want people to be so intimidated that they do not pursue claims. Do not be intimidated. Enlist the expert service of DarrasLaw, America’s top disability firm. If you need an attorney to help you take on any insurance company with a presence in Ohio, contact us.

Our first step is a free policy analysis. Then we guide you through the claims process. If an appeal is necessary, we can help. In those rare cases when litigation is required, we will handle it with the assistance of local counsel in Ohio.

Insurance Policies and Small Print

One of the most intimidating aspects of insurance policies is the small print. Insurance policies are filled with dense, hard-to-read language. Insurance companies use that language as a hiding spot. They find some minor detail or loophole and they use it against you.

At DarrasLaw, we cut through the small print. Our experience has proven that it does not provide the perfect hiding spot that insurance companies like to think it does. As hard as they try to use it to avoid paying claims, we are consistently able to find just as much reason in the small print for them to fulfill their promises. We can help you get benefits.

Denial of a Disability Claim in Ohio

When people are notified that their disability claims have been denied, they often panic. They may question whether their claims were actually valid in the first place. They may be angry, knowing that they paid for insurance policies that the insurers are not willing to stand behind.

Our law firm has recovered nearly $1 billion in wrongfully denied disability insurance benefits in Ohio throughout the nation. We have achieved this success by not backing down from a fight and holding insurance companies to their promises.

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