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Christina Simoes’ Heroic Actions Highlight the Need for Disability Insurance for Everyday Life

Hero Mom Christina Simoes recently jumped out of a burning building in order to save her young son. She is aware she may never walk again since she suffered severe back injuries but she doesn’t regret her actions one bit because she said, “He mattered way more than I did.” Her sacrifice has earned her a lengthy stay in the hospital along with the task of trying to figure out how to support her young son while she is most likely temporarily out of work.

“Lying in her hospital bed, Christina Simoes knows she may never walk again, but she says she’s thankful she and her toddler son are alive after she jumped from a burning building with him in her arms. When fire broke out Wednesday in their apartment complex, Simoes, 23, realized there was only one way to save her 18-month-old son, Cameron,” (Hero Mom: CBS News, May 11, 2014).

“What an incredibly brave mother, stepping up to save her son’s life even though she didn’t know how her jump out the window would end,” exclaims Frank N. Darras, America’s leading disability insurance lawyer.“Things could have ended much worse but she risked her own life for the hope her son would live. It is unexpected circumstances like these when disability insurance can be an extremely powerful and helpful tool. Whether she is a single mom or not, the benefits of a disability insurance policy will supplement her income if she is unable to return to her previous job. A residual disability insurance policy can continue to support Christina even if she can find a part-time job working from home.”

A residual disability insurance policy allows policyholders to work part-time and still receive monthly benefits but policyholders should make sure the benefit period isn’t limited. Most policyholders choose the five-year plan but, if able to afford it, should choose benefit period coverage to age 65. The possibility of predicting a disabling injury is still as elusive as seeing the future, which makes the benefits of a disability insurance policy far outweigh the cost.

“Many other options are available with disability insurance so talk with an expert to tailor your needs into a fool-proof policy. Life throws many unexpected curveballs our way and all we can do is prepare ourselves for the inevitable. Christina’s act of heroism to save the life of her son is inspirational to us all and I hope it shows how fragile we are and yet our cores of strength shine through. Take the opportunity now to protect your finances by investing in your future,” says Darras.

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