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Russell Allen Was Recently Released from the Jacksonville Jaguars After Suffering a Stroke Last Season

Linebacker Russell Allen of the Jacksonville Jaguarstook a rough hit while playing against the Bills in week 15 of the 2013 season. What he didn’t know until later was he had suffered a stroke during the game, which resulted in a dead spot in his brain. In the second half of the game against the Bills, Allen was feeling a bit out of sorts so he had Posluszny, a fellow teammate, take a look at his eyes but neither of them realized the seriousness of the situation.

Doctors don’t know how another concussion could affect his brain so Allen will have to be careful with any repeat head injuries. This prognosis pretty much guarantees he won’t be playing football again.

Concussions are serious business in the NFL and Allen isn’t the only one to suffer brain damage on the field: “In 2011, Allen’s third season and Posluszny’s first with Jacksonville, veteran linebacker Clint Session all but collapsed during a game against the Browns. Months later, Session revealed that he had suffered two concussions on the same day. Session trained hard the following offseason and submitted to every medical test, but he couldn’t shake the wooziness and fatigue. It was clear he’d suffered permanent damage, and he eventually retired,” (Russell Allen suffered on-field stroke playing linebacker for Jaguars: MMQB, April 2014).

“Head injuries in sports happen on a regular basis, which is a scary statement to make,” says Frank N. Darras, disability insurance lawyer to the pros. “Allen has admitted he wants his experience to be an example for other players. They need to know they’re in the game to win but not at the expense of their personal health. As all pros know, disability insurance is a necessity for circumstances like these when a hit on the field results in the end of a career. The benefits from a top notch disability policy would help keep players and the players’ families comfortable while they adjust to their new circumstances.”

Own-occupation disability insurance is the type of policy pro-footballers want to have in their pocket. Not only does it provide benefits in the event of a disabling injury but also allows the policyholder to search out another career and still receive substantial benefits. A perfect example is an injured pro-athlete going on to become a top sports broadcaster despite the end of their own field football career.

“There are plenty of experts in the disability insurance field so don’t be afraid to ask questions and purchase a policy that may help you down the road. No one ever expects to get a concussion or other debilitating injury but if it does happen, you’ll be grateful that you were prepared. There is no shame in being injured in such a rough, competitive sport so make sure to protect your financial future sooner rather than later,” advises Darras.

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